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Computer Service and Training

WH Consulting (WHC) provides the expert skills and knowledge required to solve today’s technical demands.  We supply the additional expertise clients needed for system integration and software development. WHC utilizes a pool of professionals, ranging from entry level technicians to senior technicians, to offer a wide range of computer services while focusing on sustainable office solutions.  Our consulting professionals can assist in a wide variety of network and system support services for Mac and PC computers.

  • Computer Support/Troubleshooting: Solutions to technical problems that face every office today, as well as automated data processing services,tailored to your specific needs.
  • Training: Three levels of training programs to cover everything from the basics of computer use to shortcuts and advanced functions of high end desktop applications.
  • Sustainable Office Solutions: Help clients streamline their IT systems to conserve natural resources and increase productivity.
  • Network Design and Planning: Evaluate the needs of the company and implement the most efficient network design possible.
  • Database Design and Management: Design and implement database programs that control, store, update and retrieve information utilizing a user friendly interface.

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