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Tips for a Sustainable Office #2 Paper

Reducing your paper usage and consumption is an easy fix for a more sustainable office.  Below are 3 Simple tips to help….

Stop Wasting Paper at the Printer – Why print out documents when you can just email them in an electronic form instead? This saves a ton of money on paper products. If you must make a copy or print out a document, use a duplex printer which is able to print on both sides of the paper, effectively saving up to 50% on paper costs. Also, reuse scrap paper for note taking or to print documents rather than just throwing it away.

Use Recycled Paper – Recycled paper causes 74% less air pollution, 35% less water pollution, and it actually creates five times more jobs than does the production of virgin paper. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper a year. Making sure some of that paper comes from recycled sources is a good place to start your green purchasing efforts. Don’t forget corresponding envelopes for your mailings. Make sure you use re-manufactured toner to print on that paper, available at most office supply stores.

Ditch the Paper Cups/Plates – Bring in your own mug and plate from home.  You’ll alway know who’s coffee was left in the sink.

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