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Maintenance Plans

Benefits:  Priority service for non-maintenance appointments; lowest contract rate available on service calls and maintenance not covered by this contract or outside the normal scheduling of this contract; Personalized computer health report compiled by technician while onsite performing maintenance under this contract; Maintenance task checklist provided by technician at time of maintenance service on first visit of contract.

Coverage: Computer maintenance contracts cover basic and routine care along with specific services; a list of typical services is described below.  A complete list of available services is obtainable in print upon request. Maintenance tasks will be performed at the Client’s location, utilizing tools and software provided by WH Consulting.  A technician may install special software for certain tasks and it will remain on the computer to assist the Client in self-maintenance tasks and future maintenance appointments.

·         Physical cleaning of computer, mouse, & keyboard ·         Antivirus updates and quick scan
·         Microsoft updates (Service packs Included) ·         Clean temporary files
·         Check backups ·         Check Firewall
·         Check Hard Drive ·         Inspect free space
·         More… (specific tasks pertinent to Client installation may be included)