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WH Consulting (WHC) provides a unique approach for both the design and evaluation of your network.

Evaluation: The process begins with an inspection of the facility or current network system.  The inspection includes a thorough review of current computing practices and paper flow. An evaluation of the current wiring or physical layout will aid in the overall assessment.  Any network recommendation must take into account present uses to guarantee success.

Recommendation: The WHC team will then evaluate all the data and provide a comprehensive written recommendation where the overall network design and the careful selection of the network components will provide optimal maintainability, expandability and configuration flexibility. WHC will work with local vendors, retailers and installers to assure the installed network adheres to industry standard specifications and is responsive to your unique applications requirements.

Implementation: WHC will conduct complete functional testing of the entire network.  All the network components and facility wiring will be certified to ensure network integrity. WHC integrates network management and connectivity products from the industry’s leading vendors to provide you with a network tailored to your needs.  Follow-up support services are also available.